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StructuredWeb is an integrated channel marketing platform that provides the tools and intelligence to execute scalable partner marketing programs with greater efficiency and better results than ever before.

Our solutions position StructuredWeb as an end-to-end resource, one that empowers channel marketers, channel partners, and service providers alike. Scalable, automated, and collaborative, the StructuredWeb solution will amplify every aspect of your channel marketing program, redefining your campaigns and your partners' results.

Partner Marketing Library and Portal

The Partner Marketing Portal is the meeting point between you and your channel partners - a single, secure source through which you can communicate and centralize your marketing materials and assets.

For channel partners, the Partner Marketing Portal simplifies and accelerates the marketing process by providing an actual environment through which they can deploy multi-touch campaigns. Beyond serving as a centralized repository for your marketing collateral, the portal allows partners to co-brand, customize, and translate each one, then automate their campaigns in full.

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On the vendor side, the Partner Marketing Portal steps far beyond the repository-like nature of most channel marketing resources by allowing you to see the utilization rates of all of your assets, partner by partner, as well as the performance of your campaigns, asset by asset. Even if you have a current portal in place, StructuredWeb can integrate into that technology, offering a seamless partner experience.

With partners executing with greater ease and simplicity, and vendors no longer relying on manual post-campaign reporting from partners, the results are instantaneous, and you have access to more data than ever before.

Demand Generation

StructuredWeb provides the most comprehensive set of integrated channel Demand Generation tactics found in a single platform. At its core, the suite enables you and your partners to overcome the complexity inherent in launching effective multi-touch campaigns.

By allowing you to centralize relevant, ready made content, then by making it available for all partners to customize and deploy, StructuredWeb streamlines your entire marketing operation. Empowered with easy to use resources, your partners are able to leverage their valuable, local relationships with as many as fifteen tactics simultaneously, including email campaigns, social media marketing, webinars, Google retargeting, and beyond.

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This integrated approach is crucial in today's sales environment, where digital marketing efforts must extend well beyond a simple email campaign. With StructuredWeb, you're not only able to fulfill this need, but you're able to scale the effort globally without becoming bogged down with the complexity usually inherent in such a process: simply invite partners to the platform, and they're on their way to generating sales.

Content Syndication

High-quality and up-to-date web content is the core of the channel marketing experience, as it informs and updates consumers on your products when visiting a partner website. Unfortunately, partners often lack the resources to produce effective content and often have trouble maintaining their sites with the most recent vendor content.

StructuredWeb's Content Syndication tool alleviates the strain on partners by allowing you to syndicate updated web content automatically and scalably, even in different languages. As a result, you're able to do more than continuously build brand and product awareness — you're able to maintain product consistency across your entire partner program and, in turn, generate higher quality leads.

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As with all of StructuredWeb's tools, the success is not simply assumed; it's also tested through Reports and Analytics, as to ensure your content is successfully reaching its targets and generating leads. On a daily basis, you'll know which channel partners are promoting your content, how much traffic this content is generating, and most importantly, how many valuable leads are being collected by your partners.

Lead Management

The ability to generate sales is as dependent upon identifying and qualifying leads as it is on closing them, and successful vendors do more than simply provide marketing content. The key, ultimately, is to provide tools for everything in-between —from nurturing leads to scoring them based on their levels of engagement, to providing specific workflows and alerts for specific lead activities, and for tracking the entire process.

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StructuredWeb's Lead Management tool provides your team with a unified, effective method for identifying better-quality leads and nurturing them toward sales. The platform includes the following best practice lead management features:

  • Nurturing

    Delivering relevant, engaging content at designated times to sustain customer interest in your brand throughout their buying journey.
  • Lead Scoring

    Assigning points based on online prospecting, automatically generating a value for each lead, then automating marketing based on those scores.
  • Tracking

    Maintaining a record of each lead and his or her progression, from the first inquiry through the completion of the sale.
  • Alerts

    Identifying which leads have been nurtured most effectively and are qualified to be handed off to sales teams at just the right time.

When best-in-class lead management techniques are built directly into your marketing platform, you can ensure that every step of the sales process — for every channel partner and every type of sale is at its most effective, regardless of their individual skills and marketing sophistication. And you can do so at any scale, any time.

Opportunity Management

The results of poor opportunity management are simple: when a lead becomes an opportunity, the partners slow or stop the marketing process entirely. Creating a workflow for opportunity management, just as you have for demand generation, significantly decreases — if not entirely eliminates —the probability of losing a customer so close to the end of the sales funnel.

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StructuredWeb's Opportunity Management tools deliver to your partners the ability to track their sales process each step of the way and, in turn, increase the probability of a closed sale while giving the vendor added visibility into the stage of a sales qualified lead. In doing so, you ensure that partners never miss a step in the sales process, from initial communication to scheduling appointments, follow up activities, and, of course closing the deal. Even as customers move to the sales and buying process, the platform can be made to automatically continue the marketing process, albeit with a new set of tactics and materials.

As a vendor these steps are visible to you, allowing you to ensure that your partners are generating better-qualified leads and closing more deals, step by step, prospect by prospect.

Reports and Analytics

StructuredWeb does more than provide the tools to increase your sales; it also provides a system for measuring the effectiveness of these tools. The Reports & Analytics system is built directly into the same platform you're using to drive your campaigns, and it enables you to gain an understanding of the data gathered during your campaigns, then use it to optimize your future marketing.

Reports and Analytics' visibility opens a door to the system's vast array of data, which goes beyond measuring the overall success of campaigns down to the success of individual partners, your overall channel marketing ROI, and the most effective means of spending your marketing dollars and MDF.

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Knowing who and what is performing most effectively —from micro-reports based on region, for example, to macro-reports on a channel as a whole — enables you to make changes to each component of your campaign until each one is nearly perfect.

Embedding Reports and Analytics directly into StructuredWeb's channel marketing platform reflects StructuredWeb's end-to-end vision, as it unites both the tools you use to execute with the tools you need to measure that execution. And the results you'll see, of course, will keep you driving and measuring for more.

Lead Distribution

Supplementing their own lead generation, partners often look for vendor-driven leads to fill their pipeline and to maximize the revenue they generate for your solutions. If vendors are going to provide leads, channel partners need them delivered as efficiently as possible and with all of the relevant qualifying intelligence that will help the partner close the sale.

Long gone are the days of tracking, managing, and exporting leads through Excel spreadsheets and email. These old processes are not scalable, and they leave way too much room for error while providing no tracking ability or valuable ROI info to you the vendor or OEM.

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Using StructuredWeb’s automated lead distribution rules, leads can seamlessly be passed from your vendor CRM to the partner’s lead management dashboard where the lead stages can be updated and converted to opportunity. Marketing and nurture campaigns can be automated to trigger based on the lead having been passed to the partner, ensuring a continuous marketing effort as the lead progresses through the buyer’s journey. Enjoy access to valuable data and increased visibility into the success and progress of the leads you pass to your partners.

CRM Integration

Do you want one place to go for all lead-related information and partner marketing ROI data? We can integrate StructuredWeb into your current CRM platform using one of our pre-built connectors. From your CRM (Salesforce, SugarCRM, Siebel, MS Dynamics, SageCRM, NetSuite, Zoho, etc), you can pass leads to partners, track marketing campaign data, report on opportunities, and generate real-time ROI data for your partner marketing investment -- all from one centralized dashboard.

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